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Spots renting at 350/mo and premium spots at 400/mo with water, sewer, & trash included. 250 first month deposit for electric. Submit your information at the bottom and we will be glad to reserve your spot.


Welcome to Rockport-RV-Spot! Nestled in the heart of the stunning Gulf Coast, town of Rockport, and minutes aways from all your desired luxuries. Our RV location is a haven for settlers seeking a serene and comfortable stay with their own RVs. With spacious, well-maintained sites and a warm, welcoming atmosphere, we aim to provide you with the perfect experience. Whether you're here to explore the beautiful beaches, indulge in local seafood, or just to simply relax in peace, our dedicated team is committed to ensuring your stay is nothing short of memorable. Discover the natural beauty and coastal charm of Rockport while enjoying the comfort and convenience of Rockport-RV-Spot, your destination to an unforgettable Texas coastal experience.


Rockport, Texas, boasts a captivating beachfront along the Gulf of Mexico. Known for its soft sandy shores and tranquil waters, Rockport Beach is a haven for sun-seekers and water enthusiasts alike. Families can relish in safe swimming conditions, while adventure-seekers can try kayaking and paddleboarding in the gentle waves. With shaded picnic areas, playgrounds, and excellent birdwatching opportunities, the beach caters to a wide range of interests. Whether you're casting a fishing line from the pier, attending one of the local festivals, or simply basking in the coastal serenity, Rockport Beach offers a delightful slice of Gulf Coast paradise.


Rockport, Texas, offers a diverse range of hiking trails that allow nature enthusiasts to explore the coastal beauty of the area. These trails wind through a captivating mix of ecosystems, including marshlands, oak savannas, and Gulf Coast beaches. The Aransas Pathways system, in particular, boasts several trails like the Connie Hagar Cottage Sanctuary Trail and the Tule East Birding Trail, which provide excellent opportunities for birdwatching and wildlife observation. Hikers can also enjoy scenic views of Aransas Bay and the surrounding estuaries along the Coastal Oaks Preserve Loop Trail. Whether you're a novice or an experienced hiker, Rockport's hiking trails offer a unique chance to connect with nature and experience the serene charm of the Texas Gulf Coast.


Rockport, Texas, is a renowned destination for both offshore and bay fishing enthusiasts. With its prime location along the Gulf Coast, it offers a diverse range of fishing experiences. Offshore, anglers can set their sights on a variety of deep-sea treasures, including red snapper, kingfish, and tuna, thanks to its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico. On the other hand, the bays surrounding Rockport are a haven for inshore fishing, where you can target speckled trout, redfish, and flounder. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a beginner, the rich waters of Rockport offer ample opportunities for a memorable fishing adventure, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking to reel in some impressive catches.

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